Two working experiences at RiverviewLaw

+Morethanlaw 26 octubre de 2015

At +MoreThanLaw we believe in the power of change in the legal industry as a way to achieve stronger law firms and more satisfied clients. These changes will come from two main sources: 1) Lawyers with an entrepreneur and business mentality, not afraid of change, and 2) Students with the appropriate skills, ready to be incorporated to New Law labor market.

We work in both directions: helping law firms embrace change, and providing students the skills that will help them see that law can be practiced in a different way.

Last summer, +MoreThanLaw sent two Spanish recent law graduates to work, for one week, at RiverviewLaw. What they saw and did, changed forever their view of the legal practice. You can read here their experiences.

Paula López

Work experience at Riverview Law.

"After my work experience at Riverview Law I can only describe this law firm as unique. From the first day I arrived at their Bromborough’s office I could see the especial atmosphere of which I had heard and I had read so much about in the months before I start my summer internship.

Their culture and values are their distinctive prints. Unlike other traditional law firms, Riverview Law has been able to successfully combine a high quality and professional legal service without sacrificing a participative, funny and stimulating work environment.

Another main factor that reflects the difference between Riverview Law and others legal firms is the role of technology. They work each and every day to understand the legal and business requirements of their customers, challenge that it is possible to achieve thanks to the use of dashboards, management information, analytics and visualisations. The data obtained through the use of these systems allowed to keep the costumer informed of the progress of his case and in addition, allows the working teams to analyze their work as a whole and to evaluate its results to discover, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.

The firm has developed a culture of teamwork in order to allow all of its members to feel as part of a common task in which is equally important look after the relationship with the client as well as make the staff feel happier in the roles they play. During these days I spent each day learning and working with different teams and I could see how their work is a true reflection of the backbone of their firm, their values: INDIVIDUAL, ENTHUSIASTIC, INQUISITIVE, PROFESSIONAL, POSITIVE and ON TEAM are the best way of describing of what RiverviewLaw’s essence is."

López Senz, Paula

Alexandre Gomez

My work experience week in Riverview Law

"After this week in Riverview Law, I feel that I‘ve lived a once in a life experience.

First of all, I must say that the way in what they use technology to provide legal services is completely astonishing and revolutionary. They showed me how they made dashboards that could show what cases were still opened and which ones were already closed. That meant that the clients had access to updated information at anytime. Furthermore, one of the team leaders told me that they were working on new software that will make lawyer’s life easier in two years time, as it could draft an agreement suitable for both parties of a contract. Like that, the lawyer’s work would be reduced to a simple (but crucial) control over that agreement. In Riverview Law, computers don’t replace the lawyer’s legal work; on the contrary, they made it easier, faster and more efficient.

I was also surprised by the free timetable that the employees had and by the incredible good working ambience that you could see and notice. The employees were happy to do their job (free ice creams that were provided may have helped in that way). I felt as part of the team since the first moment. All the different people that I met were willing to help me and explain me what they do. I could verify that due to the philosophy of the firm and the non existence of bill hours, workers could help each other without worrying about the time that they ‘loose’ doing that. As a result, the cohesion of the teams was extremely strong, which was translated in a more efficient work.

During my week in Riverview Law, I was extremely lucky because there were some new employees that started to work for the firm, so I could share with them some of their induction activities. I must confess that I was particularly touched by one of those activities called Moments of truth. The aim of this activity was to show us what the philosophy of the firm was but, it made more than that, we could experience by ourselves how this philosophy was reflected in the way that Riverview Law provides its services. I am afraid that I can’t tell you more about that activity because you don’t explain a Moment of truth, you only can live it.

To sump up, I would like to thanks Riverview Law’ team for this incredible work experience that has allowed me to see the legal world with new eyes."

Alexandre Gómez Ponce

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